Ascension Symptoms or Something Else?

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There has been much information put out about ascension systems, but is that all that is going on? There are videos, blogs, and posts all over the internet talking about Ascension symptoms, but what are these ascension symptoms, and how does one know if that is indeed what is going on?

Although the list is extensive, please read it carefully. The ascension symptoms are said to be headaches, pressure on the top of the head, changes in sleep, tiredness, lethargy, restlessness, electric limbs, anxiety, memory problems, inability to concentrate, dizziness, loss of equilibrium, falls, changes in eyesight, heightened sensitivity to light, seeing lights, increased or decreased hearing, hearing bussing or ringing in the ears, garbled hearing/ unable to understand your own language, enhanced sense of smell or taste, smelling pleasant odors from nowhere, skin eruptions, rashes, muscles spasms, changes in appetite, inability or unwillingness to eat meat, craving healthy foods and vegetables, new allergies appear, dehydration, weight gain/loss, energy sensations throughout the head or body, over emotional, crying, feeling lost, depression, anger, irritability, overwhelming sense of fear or dread, changes in body temperature, hot flashes, back aches, neck pains, flu like symptoms, digestive problems, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, involuntary vocalizations or involuntary movements, looking younger, love yourself more, vivid dreams, life altering events occur, changes in job, family, location, deep desire for freedom, emotional or mental confusion, feeling chaotic, feeling the need to let go of toxic people, wanting to be in nature, wanting to find deeper meaning in life, feeling like you are on a mission, feeling like you are trying to remember something, creative bursts, not wanting to be as involved in the activities you used to like, feeling like something big is about to happen, isolation, loneliness, a feeling there is something different about you, finding teachers just as they are needed, moving through personal issues rapidly, invisible presences, visits from spirit guides, seeing the dead, seeing symbols everywhere, increased integrity, renewed sense of honesty, letting go of guilt, electrical and mechanical malfunctions, increased synchronicity and miracles, sudden insights, clairvoyance, out of body experiences, channeling other entities, receiving ‘downloaded’ information, increased compassion and connection to all people, moments of bliss or euphoria, feeling stronger spiritually, seeing loved ones with a different face, inability to express or sequence words properly, inability or no desire to read for very long, a feeling of ‘spaciness’, losing interest in research or complex information, loss of desire to work, etc…

Any Doctor or conspiracy theorist reading this list is in a panic by now, highly concerned, as I was, that many people may be suffering very serious illnesses, toxicities, and poisonings, rather than a spiritual ascension. The problem with this list is that the symptoms very often reflect some very serious conditions that are appearing throughout our society at epidemic rates right now.

As I began to go through yet another spiritual growth spurt myself several years ago, and began to see postings about these symptoms I was concerned immediately that so many of these symptoms resemble the symptoms of severe endocrine problems; as the list has grown, so have my suspicions of other conditions in addition to the endocrine.

Having spent my whole life dealing with endocrine problems, working in natural healthcare for years, and being a very successful manufacturer of nutritional supplements, I was highly concerned to see these lists, Many of the symptoms above could indicate a complete failure of the endocrine system, toxicity/poisoning, severe vitamin/mineral deficiencies, severe blood flow problems, heart problems, stroke, diabetes, and even complete mental breakdown. Sadly, just about every symptom on the list can be attributed to some severe illness or toxicity.

Having also spent years as an activist and seeing many friends and teachers go through horrible events, many of which were health related up to and including death, the list was equally as concerning from that point of view. Understanding the technology available to those bent on destruction and mayhem, the list can appear to be a classic case of government gang stalking with various high tech stealth mind/body control weapons, as well as mass poisoning and manipulation of almost the entire US population.

It has already been conclusively proven that the government has heart attack guns, mind control weapons, voice to skull technology which can make a person hear voices inside their head, drugs which make a person change or leave their religion, stupid viruses, fat viruses, endocrine system attacks through use of heavy metal laden chemtrails, wireless electronic body stimulation weapons, and many more; in fact just about anything on the list can be attributed to the known weapons of secret ops.

Having gone through yet another level of spiritual growth myself, and having experienced many if not all and more of the above symptoms, I can attest that it can be very difficult to tell which is which and I believe they work hand in hand also. In other words, changes in spirit can cause changes in the body, however so many people are affected with the poisons in our water, food, and air, as well as the ELF radiation being put out by the H.A.A.R.P. system, that much of what they are going through can be attributed to the physical manifestation of real endocrine and other health problems. These symptoms can be indicators of very serious health issues and should not be automatically chalked up to “ascension symptoms”.

If you are having these symptoms, you should see an endocrinologist and bring a full list of symptoms with you. Do not be disappointed if your doctor does not find issues that are actually there, they are not really trained to deal with what is happening right now. They may find issues like low thyroid (high TSH), low vitamin D, or high cholesterol, but they will miss many things. The things they may miss that you should be aware of and look into are the hypothalamus, the adrenals, liver function, heavy metal toxicity, high iron, low copper, low zinc, low calcium, low magnesium, low potassium, NAD deficient, or lithium orotate deficient. Often a Doctor will tell you these levels are ok, when in fact, they are not, so do some research yourself.

Those who are truly having an awakening of spirit and experiencing these symptoms will find them annoying, but not usually completely debilitating. Sometimes if the spiritual awakening involves much change in people and environment, there can be some temporary grief and anxiety over these issues which can be quite debilitating, but it should be no more so than anytime we have big life changes, and should be manageable.

The bottom line is these symptoms are unfortunately, actually, the symptoms of both spiritual growth as well as serious health problems brought on by the poisoning of our environment and the high tech and bio weapons that are being used against us. It is important that you find out if these things are physical in nature as they will get worse if untreated and can lead to coma, permanent disability, and death, so if you are having these symptoms, see your Doctor.

Also, it must be stressed that endocrine problems and vitamin/mineral deficiencies are at all time highs, and must be looked at if one is having problems.

If, on the other hand, if you have checked out all serious issues with your Doctor, and the symptoms are not long term or serious, then do your best to eat right, exercise, get good nutritional supplementation, meditate, reach out for help from those who went before you, and enjoy your ascension!

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