Magic Pizza Crust And A “Special Lab” In DC

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Main Stream news reports indicate that on May 13, 2015 the Savopoulos family started acting strangely by first ordering pizza with special instructions to leave it on the porch, then texting one employee telling them not to show up and finally having another employee drop off $40,000.00 in cash with instructions to leave it in the garage.

Reports further state that within 6 days “authorities” “identified the suspect by some DNA left on pizza crust” which “was sent to a special lab”, identified, and the suspect was caught and placed in custody after the car stolen from the family was dumped and set on fire near his home. REALLY? Does anyone believe this fantasy?

First off, when you compare the coverage of this and other news stories of the past, it has clear ear-markings of a false flag psyop mission. As with almost all psyop false flag missions, this one is “solved” almost immediately.

Look over similar past news stories and you will find that the news media and the “authorities” are very cautious about making statements and clearly state early on that they do not have much information as the investigation has just started and it will take some time to figure out what happened. Well, not in these psyops, they seem to know right away without a doubt who did it and they always find them rather quickly – which I think is outstanding seeing as how most of our “authorities” have been being intentionally hired with a low IQ.

Secondly, DNA off of pizza? Really? I don’t think so. This DNA was found, sent to a “special lab”, and identified the suspect with in mere days. Come on. We have rape kits and death penalty cases that have been sitting on shelves for DECADES with the claim that it takes time and that resources aren’t available.

Then we have the issue of the car being conveniently dropped off near the suspects house. Well, we are not saying that criminals are generally smart, but I find it hard to believe this man would murder four people, set their house on fire, steal their car, and then set it on fire near his own home.

We also have the issue of his “calm”, “stoic” demeanor when captured by police. Would this really be the reaction of a quadruple torture murder suspect? Calm? Stoic? No, it’s far more likely that the so called suspect, we are not sure who he even is as reports vary on his actual name, but it has been reported his name is either Darron Dylan Wint, or Daron Dillon Wint, was the target of a set up as his attorney stated on one report.

It is also interesting to note that even after authorities had Wint in custody, some news outlets still weren’t publishing his name only saying he had been identified and showing his mug shot – how weird is that?

Unfortunately, the “authorities” may not be finished with the set-ups in this case as they have now stated that “he could not have done it alone” – gee… you think?

Remember in the Tsarnev case the “authorities” went to his friends house in Florida and murdered him too, so I would be very concerned if I knew Mr. Wint, or whoever he is, before this thing happened.

The take away from all of this is calm down, things are not as bad as the main stream news media would want you too think, and they are being found out, so all of this should end soon. They are in a panic to keep people under their control and it is not working anymore, they are desperate, they are pulling out all the stops, they may murder more innocents, but not for long – the gig is just about up.

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