Yellowcake Anyone?

– Posted in: Science/Energy has found the coolest site EVER! One could spend HOURS just poking around in here, and it comes from one on our favorite people too – the handsome, intelligent, infinitely interesting, Bob Lazar!

Company Founder and CEO Bob Lazar, in 2008 at their small retail store in Laingburg, Mi.

Company Founder and CEO Bob Lazar, in 2008 at their small retail store in Laingburg, Mi.

I knew Lazar was a very cool cat the first time I ever heard about him probably about twenty-five years ago, and I have always wondered where he was or how he was getting along, so I was very glad to find his site. It seems Bob has been keeping busy with science and helping others do that too, and of course he has been doing it in the typically Lazar, super cool way. With an awesome idea, and an even more awesome and interesting list of unique and hard to find products, Lazar has built one of the weirdest, coolest, most memorable online stores ever developed.

Lazar’s company, United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies, is where you can go to get all your science lab needs. is his site, or should I call it his treasure trove? The really great thing about Lazar and his company is that he’s got something there for every scientist, at every level, from those at NASA, to the serious citizen scientist, the novice, student or teacher.

You can build your own solar power station, or an awesome crystal radio. Plans and supplies for a multitude of experiments and projects are all there. You can pick up a dissection kit, or a BloodTracker Luminol kit and make your own CSI lab, make some sand, or spend a half hour to grow a chemical garden. Whether it’s glowing goo, zero gravity fluid, magnets, meteorites, or minerals, Bob’s got you covered.

Now, for the truly hardcore mad scientist, who has a need for explosions, volatile reactions, dramatic countdowns, and intense “hold my beer and watch this” moments, Lazar is your go to man. Need chemicals, tubing, or torches? How about a pocket Geiger counter? Rockets anyone? Yellowcake? Uranium? How about your very own death ray? Hummmm? See what I mean? Did you know you can get your hands on some Aerogel for 5 Bucks? How cool is that??

Bob will help you build your very own death ray, jet engine, Laser, or even your own x-ray machine, with all the plans, parts and supplies you need to do it! Just way too cool. He makes me want to do science.

Check out Bob’s site and have your own “hold my beer and watch this!” moment!

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