How Arizona Citizens Got Rid OF Red Light Cameras

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This story comes to us from – Almost everyone has gotten a red light camera ticket by now, and there have been confusions, controversies and lies surrounding these “tickets”, or “citations”, but if you know the law, then you know they are bogus, unenforceable, frauds designed to fool the uneducated into more payola for the politicians and their friends.

I know they send you a letter telling you that are going to issue a warrant if you do not pay up, but they are simply lying. They do not have that authority and there is no one going to arrest you. If you do not believe that they are unenforceable, call the police department that the red light camera ticket says it comes from and ask them if they enforce them. They will tell you “no”.

Those who know the truth about these red light cameras and their “citations”, simply throw them away; and apparently, there were a lot of educated people in Arizona.

When the State decided to take it upon themselves to install the red light cameras, it foolishly counted on the citation revenues to pay for the system, but the Citizens of Arizona were smarter than that and most of them simply threw the tickets away. Without the revenue from the citations issued, the State defaulted on it’s payments and the cameras were removed.

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